The Funrunners Promise to Nicaragua
1.  We promise to DOUBLE the tourism in 18 months, and DOUBLE it  again within
      60 months.  TIME is important ACT NOW,
2.  We will bring jobs to people as soon as we can get this started.
3.  We do not have a political agenda, we are from many nations.
4.  We do not have a religous agenda, we are by large margin people of  strong faith.
5.  We ask for a chance to prove ourselves and help make a difference.
6.  We ask for no financial support, only the loan of resources until we prove ourselves.
7.  We ask for open import for things we need to develope Funrunners in Nicaragua.
8. We need an open line for immediate decisions with the President's chosen man    
     that has the ability to think out of the box. And realize there is
NO Risk to Nicaragua.
     If I fail, it cost you nothing, if I succeed it will be a great thing for the people & country.
9  We offer and expect trust, honesty and together we can make this happen. 
10 We will not bribe nor be bribed.  If you do not want Funrunners. Please let us know.

Joshua    email   001 256 237 1749
Funrunners is a new single Fraternity of people from all over the world.  Funrunners love to travel and  want to make a difference in life and help where they can.  Funrunners are Patriots of their country, but we are not a political nor religion based fraternity.  We are simply friends.  We compete in co-ed sports and events, We party, we have OUR concerts, we travel the world in large groups learning other cultures.  We come to enjoy the culture not change it.  We will open First aid centers and Free food for the hungry and put shoes on bare little feet.  is an invitation only single fraternity, basically a great group of my friends and my friends by proxy.    The target month to serve the first child is approaching.  Help if you can.  Alot of ways to help, meet me there and build it, ideas and suggestions that help. Contacts help. and of course the old dollar helps too.  This will bring Nicaragua an extreme high profit that can not all be talked about here. Nothing illegal just a new idea.

I understand many of you will say this can not be done in this time period.. To you I would say  if I can get this started, you will not believe how fast it will happen.
You are considered by someone to be a person that could help make this happen, so please read. A time comes in life when you realize that we have a responsibility to mankind to make the world a better place.  And I believe there are many singles that want to help, this will be the vessel. Help if you can.

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